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Building and rehabilitation

Are you a project manager, owner or property developer who would like to check the compliance of your construction or renovation projects and works with Monegasque regulations?

Apave Monaco's teams are at your side at every stage of your project:

- Design/application for authorisation to work

- Works

- Final inspections: drawing up the regulatory reports and certificates required for the administrative completion of your work

For a project that perfectly meets the Principality's regulatory requirements

Your key issues in

construction and renovation

As soon as work is planned, calling on an approved inspection office, such as Apave Monaco, meets a regulatory obligation, whatever the nature of the project and the building concerned.


Our teams can be on hand very quickly to assist you with this regulatory technical inspection and check the compliance, stability, solidity and safety of your buildings (residential buildings, ERP, industrial sites, high or very high buildings, etc.).

Whatever the work planned and the type of building concerned, we can offer you an adapted service that meets the Principality's regulatory requirements.


fields of intervention

We offer several technical control missions defined by law:


In particular, the following basic assignments:

  • Mission relating to the soundness of structures and equipment for new building construction work
  • Verification of the compatibility of the soundness of existing structures with the project for rehabilitation or transformation projects
  • Mission relating to the safety of people:
    • In ERP or IGH buildings
    • In buildings for tertiary or industrial use
    • In residential buildings
  • Mission relating to the stability of neighbouring structures, located on the periphery of the construction site

And a whole range of varied regulatory missions that will complete the basic missions according to the needs of your project.

We intervene from the design phase of the project, with the architects and structural and fluid design offices, by verifying the descriptions of the work provided for in the CCTP (special technical specifications) of the operation.

The analysis of the CCTPs is the subject of an Initial Technical Control Report, requested by the insurers.

Once the regulatory building permit has been issued, we agree together on a frequency of visits to check the conformity of the installations throughout the construction period. 

At the end of the work, we carry out the final regulatory checks, in order to draw up the reports and certificates required by the administration for the completion of the operation.

We are able to accompany you over several years, until the completion of the construction work.

Why entrust the compliance of

your equipment and installations to Apave Monaco?

Created more than 20 years ago in the Principality, Apave Monaco is made up of a team of 30 highly qualified and experienced professionals based in Monaco throughout the year. Our solid local presence and our many years of expertise enable us to offer all market players local, tailor-made support with the greatest possible responsiveness.

The conformity of your construction site is rigorously checked by our teams. They have solid technical expertise and a perfect knowledge of Monegasque regulations specific to the project, sector and the type of building concerned.

We have thus accompanied, on large-scale projects, leading players in Monaco, such as :


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Your questions about

our services in Construction & Renovation 

  • When is a technical inspection mandatory for a construction or renovation project? 

    In the Principality, technical inspection is systematically compulsory from the moment work is carried out, whatever its nature, whether it is initiated by a private individual or a professional. Monegasque legislation requires the use of an architect and the submission of an application for authorisation to the DPUM (Direction de la Prospective, de l'Urbanisme et de la Mobilité). The latter requires the submission of inspection reports (technical inspection of electrical installations, fire detection, solidity, ventilation, etc.) drawn up by approved organisations, including Apave Monaco. Once the DPUM has established compliance, it issues the applicant with an authorisation to live or operate.
  • Why use a control office?

    It is compulsory to use an approved inspection office, such as Apave, to ensure the conformity of a new building or renovation project. The control office intervenes before the work begins during the design phase, during the construction site and once the construction is completed to carry out the final controls. Using a control office is also an important criterion for enhancing the reliability of the project in the eyes of insurers.
  • Who can benefit from your technical inspection services in construction and renovation?

    Our services are aimed at project owners, property developers, owners, operators and anyone planning to carry out construction or renovation work. We can also work with all public and private sector players in Monaco (local authorities, hospitals, industry, service sector, ERP, etc.), in order to check the technical compliance of the work, or planned projects. 
  • What types of sites can we work on?

    We can work on all types of sites: residential buildings; industrial sites; category 1, 2, 3 or 4 ERP (establishments open to the public); high-rise or very high-rise buildings; public and private car parks, etc. We adapt our work to the regulatory requirements for the type of building and sector concerned.
  • What equipment and facilities should be checked?

    Depending on the classification of the structure/building, without the list being exhaustive, we may be required to carry out regulatory technical checks on:

    • The structure of the building
    • The structure of the building
    • Electrical installations
    • HVAC installations (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
    • Fire safety systems (SSI)
    • Lifts
    • Automatic doors
    • Railings
    • Smoke ducts
    • Fire prevention and evacuation equipment
    • Steam or gas pressure installations
    • Lifting equipment

Why choose us?


A multidisciplinary team

Our 30 employees, with the support of the Apave Group's many skills, provide daily support to the Monegasque State, the CHPG, the SBM, property developers, and all industrial and tertiary activities, thanks to its experts in all fields of activity.

Appropriate services

To meet your needs, we adapt our services to each of your problems, so as to accompany you throughout your project in the most appropriate way.

Innovation at your service

With innovative solutions, we facilitate your work both in the field of inspection thanks to real-time connected technologies, and in the monitoring of your activities thanks to an ecosystem of digital solutions covering the detection, diagnosis, management and anticipation of your risks.