What about Apave Monaco?

The Société Anonyme Monégasque Apave Monaco has been supporting the economic development of Monaco with its facilities and equipment, thanks to its local experts and its office, for over 80 years in the Principality.

Did you know ?

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There is a ministerial decree n° 2018-1079 which brings together in a single document all the existing texts on the prevention of fire and panic risks in buildings adapted to fit the Principality's characteristics as closely as possible.

Our missions

Our mission of "Risk Management" for our clients is divided into several areas:

  • Picto inspection Inspection : mainly regulatory checks of technical installations and technical support
  •   Technical Control of Constructions: Technical Construction Control: regulatory missions concerning: solidity, safety of people, accessibility of the built environment to disabled people, thermal and acoustic characteristics of the building, and many other complementary missions.
  •  Assistance in Project Management and sustainable management: risk assessment, asset management, infrastructures, certified environmental procedures such as HQE CERQUAL, BD2M, BREEAM, energy audits and commissioning.
  •   Advice on Health, Safety and Environment for our employer clients, whether or not they have environmentally sensitive facilities, and on the certification of products and services
  • Test and Measurements Picto  Testing and Measurement: our services cover risks related to air and water pollution, acoustics, material analysis and performance measurement
  • Training picto  Technical trainings for different audiences on the risks involved and regulatory developments
  • Certification picto Certification

Your challenges related to

risk management

Picto human risk  Your human risk issues :

  • The safety of your employees and workers on your construction sites
  • The loss of your technical know-how if you do not recruit the best skills or if you do not train your staff


Picto technical risk  Your technical risk issues :

  • The reliability of the entire life cycle of your project
  • Reduction of your deadlines
  • Optimised maintenance (organisation, cost, safety)
  • Compliance of your equipment
  • Regulatory compliance with current standards
  • Certification of your management system processes to meet the optimum performance level


Picto environmental risk Your environmental risk issues:

Improving your energy efficiency

Assessing and reducing your environmental impact: pollution (air, water, noise, soil), industrial risks, biodiversity

The success of your low-carbon transition


Picto technological risk Your challenges related to digital and technological risks:

Cybersecurity, ransomware

Risks related to human-robot co-activity in the context of your projects


It is by controlling all these risks that you will be able to develop your projects in complete security, in a sustainable manner and contribute to the world of tomorrow.



Working together ...

life cycle of a building
life cycle of a building

... In order to bring your equipment and installations into compliance with regulations or your own specifications

Apave checks the compliance of your technical installations, equipment and processes during their commissioning and/or operation. 
This gives you an overview of the points to be improved for compliance and a schedule of inspections in order to comply with the regulatory periodicity.


... To improve the performance, safety and availability of your equipment

Apave designs tailor-made technical support services, particularly for your complex and sensitive projects.


... To control your impact on the environment and the health of your employees

Apave supports you throughout the life cycle of your project to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to make your projects sustainable and environmentally friendly.

in all specificities
Annual missions
Trained people

Why choose us?


A multidisciplinary team

Our 30 employees, with the support of the Apave Group's many skills, provide daily support to the Monegasque State, the CHPG, the SBM, property developers, and all industrial and tertiary activities, thanks to its experts in all fields of activity.

Appropriate services

To meet your needs, we adapt our services to each of your problems, so as to accompany you throughout your project in the most appropriate way.

Innovation at your service

With innovative solutions, we facilitate your work both in the field of inspection thanks to real-time connected technologies, and in the monitoring of your activities thanks to an ecosystem of digital solutions covering the detection, diagnosis, management and anticipation of your risks.